COURAGE & LOYALTY: Heroic Stories of Ruth and Esther

Ruth and Esther are biblical examples of great courage and loyalty in dark times. Through this series, we'll explore together how God helps us to be courageous and faithful in dark times because God is steadfastly merciful.

On Sept 2, we will begin a new series on the Old Testament books of Ruth and Esther. These two books are very powerful in reminding us, that though God seems hidden, he is never absent. Both Ruth and Esther highlight the courageous loyalty of two heroic women during times when God seems hidden. These two books highlight the steadfast love of God in the midst of dark times. Ruth and Esther are wonderful heroines, who point to Jesus, embolden courage, and give us examples of loving others more than ourselves. I can’t wait to walk through these two books with you and learn from these courageous women!
~Pastor Tim Porter

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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