In this sermon series, we see lived out what we learned in the study of the Book of Romans. The God who is there gives life and hope. Hold on. God always gives life.

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Elijah: Faith in a Faithless WorldElijah and the Victory of God

1 Kings 18: 20-40

Spiritual and intellectual neutrality is not possible. The good news is that the God of the Bible is a relational God who wins us over, not simply a dictator to be obeyed.


Tim Prince


Elijah: Faith in a Faithless WorldFaithful Living in a Faithless World

1 Kings: 17:8-24

We're all going to have to build our lives by faith in something; either the gods of the age or the gospel of Jesus. The question is when it's time to face our very worst fear, which is able to carry us through?


Tim Prince