This series explores some common doubts and struggles we face and how God's Word triumphs.

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Faith In Our DoubtsEvidence of Life

John 20:24-31

A disappointed skeptic gives us reasons to believe the truth of Jesus


Tim Porter


Faith In Our DoubtsHelp My Unbelief

Mark 9: 14-32

When confronted by doubts, we fuel faith by turning to Jesus, praying “I believe, help my unbelief.


Tim Porter


Faith In Our DoubtsHard to Understand

2 Peter 3: 14-18

Though there is a simple message to the Bible, there are also many things in the Bible that are hard to understand, and they take time, reflection, careful reading, help from wise teachers, etc. Sometimes, when we run into difficulties in the Bible, seeds of doubt can be sown into our hearts. Pastor Prince will talk this through and equip us to trust the Scriptures, not naively, but with understanding.


Tim Prince


Faith In Our DoubtsUnquenchable Fire

Mark 9:42:50

The Holy One reveals his mercy and justice in the severity of hell.


Tim Porter


Faith In Our DoubtsIn Step With the Gospel

Galatians 2: 1-16

Though his followers may fail, Jesus is ever true.


Tim Porter


Faith In Our DoubtsFaith in the Midst of Suffering

Job 38:1-3

This week in the Faith In Our Doubts series, we’re taking a look at the most powerful circumstance that can sow seeds of doubt into our lives: suffering without reason. We will look at the book of Job with a sermon entitled “Words Without Knowledge” (Job 38.1-3). It’s not by accident that when we endure a trial, or unexpected suffering invades our lives, our hearts ask ‘Why?’ In God’s great kindness, he reveals himself to us, so we humbly trust in his goodness, even when we might not have a reason for the pain. Along with the series resources below, I highly recommend the book How Long, Oh Lord? by D.A. Carson. This book has been a powerful help to my heart to prepare me for suffering (cause it will come), and comfort me in the midst of painful trials. SERMON SERIES RESOURCES Check out the following resources that go along with the Faith In Our Doubts series, available for purchase in the café area of the Commons: Reason for God and Making Sense of God by Tim Keller The Skeptical Believer by Daniel Taylor


Tim Porter


Faith In Our DoubtsHave Mercy on Me

Luke 18:9-14

God saves the humble, who are confident in His mercy.


Tim Porter


Faith In Our DoubtsConviction of Things Not Seen

Hebrews 11:1-3

The inescapability of faith and the necessity of doubting out doubts.


Tim Porter