Brianna Butler

"They’re not only teaching me to view things in light of scripture, but I also know they’re praying for me, and that is hugely impactful.”

When the Titus 2 Mentoring Ministry at FCC launched, Brianna Butler joined one of the Titus 2 mentoring groups. She was looking for an opportunity to find a mentor and join with others outside of her peer group. She started attending FCC in middle school and then returned to worshiping at FCC after college. Brianna lives in Hudson and works as a operations coordinator for a regional counseling firm. 

Brianna is now in her third year of being in a Titus 2 mentoring group. She meets once a month throughout the year with five other women in the home of one of the group’s co-leaders. Their evening meetings include dinner and conversation and a lesson from the biblically-based Titus 2 curriculum. They cover a different topic each month, including holiness, kindness, purity, being in the Word, and men’s and women’s roles.

“Being taught through Titus 2 has reminded me about what God says to us through his Word about different things,” Brianna said. “It’s taking more of a scriptural look at topics. It helps to equip me. I have a deeper understanding of who God is, what he says, and what he calls me to.”

The group also takes time to talk about what’s happening in their lives, which has helped Brianna as she’s navigated several changes in her life.

“I’ve gone through a lot of transitions and some difficulties at work,” Brianna said. “I’ve learned how to respond to that in a way that is going to glorify God. They’re not only teaching me to view things in light of scripture, but I also know they’re praying for me, and that is hugely impactful.”

At the end of a Titus 2 lesson, the leaders give challenges with things to be mindful of and reminders of the truths of Christ.

“It’s always good to be challenged and have things to think about,” Brianna said. “It gives a lens to focus life through.”

Brianna has mentored other young women as a resident assistant in college and through youth group. 

“Mentoring someone is an intimidating place to be,” Brianna commented. “I’ve learned a lot through mentoring others. When questions come up, I would think about, ‘what does that say into my own life?’ And, if you don’t know the answers, lead them back to Scripture.”

Brianna encourages others to get into a mentoring relationship, “regardless of where you’re at in life.”

“It’s been really beneficial for me,” Brianna added.

First published in the summer 2017 edition of "FAITH Hudson" magazine, a publication of Faith Community Church.


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