Ross Campbell

“For me, the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from it is being able to shift my love, my trust, my happiness, my faith, from people and things to the Word and Jesus,” Ross commented. 

Ross Campbell teaches middle school English and has lived in Hudson for about a year and a half. He’s been attending Faith Community Church (FCC) about that long, too, after a friend invited him to attend a Sunday morning worship service. 

“I was initially hesitant, and I’m not sure why,” Ross said. “I thought about it, then sent him a text that I’d love to go.”

He attended a worship service with his friend and found it to be “an amazing experience.”

The same friend also invited Ross to a Bible study with him.

“I had never been to a Bible study,” Ross said. “I didn’t know what to expect, but my friend explained what it was all about.”

Ross started attending a Bible study led by Pastor Tim Prince, which included two other men. Although the group had to stop meeting together because of scheduling conflicts, they still try to get together.  

“We’re brothers, we’re family,” Ross said of their friendship.

Now, Ross meets one on one with Tim Prince, either at Tim’s home or at FCC. Ross also spends time with the Prince family in the everyday rhythms of life, such as meals or other activities.

Tim and Ross are currently going through an inductive study of the Book of Ephesians.

“We take notes on the text and answer six main questions about the passage,” Ross said. The six questions covered are:

  • Who is God and what is he like?
  • What has God done / what is he doing, especially through Jesus?
  • Who are we as a result?
  • Are there any commands or promises that we need to obey or trust in?
  • How would life look like if you were really trusting in this?
  • Why do you think the Spirit brought this to your attention today?

According to Ross, the mentoring relationship he has with Tim has helped his discipleship in a variety of ways. 

“For me, the biggest thing that I’ve taken away from it is being able to shift my love, my trust, my happiness, my faith, from people and things to the Word and Jesus,” Ross commented. “It’s helped me deal with the ups and downs of life. It’s helped me to be a better man and a better person to other people. I can’t believe the growth that I’ve seen in myself over the past year.”

Now, Ross finds he spends more time reflecting on Scriptures through journaling and in prayer. 

“I have developed a sense of trust that if I have something that’s weighing on my heart, I have an outlet in someone willing to listen who is non-judgmental,” Ross said. “Tim, not only helps with certain issues, but also guides me to passages in the Word, in order to deal with the issues appropriately.”

Ross encourages others at FCC to pursue a mentoring relationship, too. 

“If you’re hesitant, don’t be,” Ross said. “If you’re scared, reach out to somebody. If there’s something weighing on your heart, being in a small group study, or meeting with someone one on one, are great ways to resolve any issues that you’re going through.”

Ross also encourages others in the church to reach out to the people they know about their faith.

“You don’t know the potential impact you can have on someone,” Ross said. “I’m forever grateful to my friend who reached out to me. It changed life for the better. I am getting more of a direction on how to be a better person and how to positively impact others.”

Ross believes his mentoring relationship with Tim is helping to equip him to mentor others in the future, too.

First published in the summer 2017 edition of "FAITH Hudson" magazine, a publication of Faith Community Church.


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